Your recycling effort

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What does a road and a baby food jar have in common? They can be made using the items you put in your recycling bin!
Your recycling efforts really do make a difference and the proof is in the very products you use every day.

When you recycle, you not only give material a chance to become something new, you divert it from the landfill.

You also save energy and natural resources by minimising the need to mine for new materials.

There are a range of products made from your recycling, including:

  • Paper – telephone directories, kitty litter, plaster board, egg cartons and cardboard boxes and kitty litter
  • Cardboard – paper bags, new cardboard, paperboard
  • Magazines – paperboard and newspapers
  • Plastics – wheelie bins, clothing, pallets, carpet fibre, signage, sleeping bag and jacket lining, outdoor furniture like seats, bollards and play equipment, Frisbees, plastic bottles and buckets
  • Glass – new glass bottles, fibreglass and road base
  • Aluminium – bike and car parts, appliances, new cans, door and window frames
  • Steel – steel cans, car and bike parts, appliances