Recycle your clothes

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Don’t waste your clothes – give them a second life!

Pass them on to family or friends, advertise them online (posting them as a bundle is a good way to get rid of lots of items) or donate them to a charity.

Clothing donations should be clean, undamaged, and reasonably wrinkle-free. Clothing can be folded and packed in sturdy boxes or bags; avoid hangers.

Items that come in pairs (shoes, gloves, socks) should be kept together (shoe laces can be tied together, gloves and socks can be stuffed inside each other).

Pockets should be emptied and any belts should be securely fastened to their appropriate items.

According to National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations (NARCO):

‘Through the efforts of the charitable recycling organisations, approximately 75 per cent of the collected post-consumer waste is diverted from our landfills and recycled and that the world’s poorest are clothed.’

*Make sure you check first with your local charity that they can accept your unwanted items.