Food waste matters

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Around 25% of our rubbish is made up of avoidable food waste.

Reducing food waste not only benefits our environment, it saves you money. Victorian households estimate that they throw away up to $2,200 a year in wasted food.

Wasted food
According to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign data each year Victorian households throw out tonnes of food including:

  • 64,500 tonnes of bread, pastry and biscuits
  • 51,000 tonnes pre-prepared or home cooked meals
  • 13,500 tonnes of uncooked meat and fish
  • 35,000 tonnes of dairy and eggs
  • 12,500 tonnes of rice, pasta and noodles
  • 31,500 tonnes of fresh vegetables
  • 6,500 tonnes of fresh salad leaves
  • 22,500 tonnes of fresh fruit

What else gets wasted?
When you throw away food you are not just wasting the food, but also the resources such as energy, fuel, time and water that went into growing, harvesting, storing, transporting and cooking the food. It also produces methane if buried in landfill sites.

Why is it wasted?

  • We cook too much food
  • Food is mistakenly thrown out before the use-by/best before date
  • We forget about leftovers in the fridge/freezer
  • We don’t know how to use leftovers
  • We buy too much because we don’t stick to a shopping list
  • We often shop when we’re hungry so we buy more food than we need
  • We don’t check the cupboard or fridge before going shopping
  • We are not planning our meals and menus as much as we could
  • Buying takeaways at the last minute instead of cooking the food we have in/family members changing plans.

Source: Love Food Hate Waste Campaign

Love Food Hate Waste is a Victorian Government Initiative and delivered by Sustainability Victoria.