Frequently Asked Questions

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Can glass bottles with metal rings around the rim be recycled?
Yes, there is no need to remove the metal rim. But you should remove the metal lid before recycling.
Can I put my recycling inside a plastic bag and put into my recycling bin?
Bagged recycling can not be placed in your household recycling bin. Please keep your recycling loose – NO plastic bags.
Do plastic and metal lids on glass jars need to be removed?
Yes please remove plastic and metal lids on glass jars and put these in the recycling bin.
Does having a triangle on a polystyrene cup/tray qualify it for recycling?
No polystyrene is not recyclable in your household recycling bin. We no longer refer to the recycling triangle when determining if a plastic product is recyclable or not. If it is a rigid plastic household container that has not had hazardous contents or motor oil it can be recycled. Polystyrene however is an exception.

Polystyrene packaging can be taken to GDP or the Geelong Resource Recovery Centre for recycling (both located in North Geelong). If you are unsure if your material is made from expanded polystyrene please call GDP Industries on 03 5278 9411.
Are milk containers recyclable because isn’t the inside lined with wax?
Milk containers are recyclable. The inside and outside layers are actually plastic not wax. A layer of paper fibres is sandwiched between the plastic.
Can I recycle plastic bags/wrapping if it has the recycling symbol on it, in my household recycling bin?
No plastic bags/wrapping can not be recycled in your household recycling bin regardless of whether it has the recycling symbol.

Some soft plastics can be recycled through the REDcycle program. Please go to to see what items they accept and participating outlets.
Can plastic strapping be recycled in my household recycling bin?
No plastic strapping can not be recycled in the yellow lidded household recycling bin.
Can broken drinking glasses be placed in my recycling bin?
Drinking glasses, broken or unbroken can not be put in your household recycling bin. Drinking glasses, pyrex, window and windscreen glass can not be recycled in your yellow lidded wheelie bin.

Please note that only glass bottles and jars are recyclable. They are made from a different type of glass to the non recyclable glass items stated above.
Do the numbers on a plastic container mean that it can be recycled?
No. The plastic number codes do not indicate that an item can be recycled. Plastics manufacturers stamp a Plastics Identification Code (codes one to seven) on their products. This is to identify the type of plastic that the product is made from.
Can I put coffee cups in the recycling bin?
No. Only the plastic lid can go in the recycling bin.