Are you drowning in clutter?

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Do you spend valuable time looking for things….five, ten or fifteen minutes, until you are out the door and on your way to work, school or off to enjoy the all important fun stuff?

How often do you give up and start your day in a rush, frustrated and unprepared?

Or do you spend more time, energy and money buying more of the same; simply because you cannot find what you want, when you want it.

The average Australian family blows $1,226 pa on items they buy but never use. Being organised is not only clever; it saves time, money and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Everything we buy takes energy to produce, when we lose things amongst the clutter and buy more of the same, we are adding to our carbon footprint.

Here’s five clever ways to declutter without costing the Earth.

1.Invest 5 minutes per day to declutter something such as magazines, purse, wallet, sock drawer.

2.Refuse the two for one offers, plastic bags and plastic bottles to reduce clutter and waste.

3.Reduce digital clutter by unsubscribing to newsletters which are no longer relevant.

4.Look for ways to responsibly donate and recycle unwanted items.

5.Where possible reuse, recycle at home and reduce embodied energy.

Save money

Clearing clutter enables us to see what we truly need and use.

Ask yourself: “Why would I spend money on things that I do not use or need, plus add to my clutter?”.

Saving our planet

Everything we bring into our space has taken energy to produce, likewise when it comes to recycling. This energy is called embodied energy, so when our things become clutter, why not pass them on and divert waste from landfill.